About Me

As a dancer beginning to understand my own physical and mental capacity, I became fascinated with form and movement and how all these factors, when working well together, improved my performance. As a Personal Trainer I added three key areas of nutrition, physiology and massage, which now gives my training a rounded holistic approach.

What inspires me is further understanding my craft. I challenge myself constantly, putting the time in to improve my way of working. I believe I am developing with and for my clients.

I enjoy the challenging process of creating bespoke training sessions, utilising my full range of skills. All, obviously, have specific needs, the similarity is to ensure sufficient and relevant variety making training fun.

I’m also a part of Momentum Kickboxing and combined we make up Momentum Lifestyle. Any sessions that I can’t fit into my schedule will be passes across to my husband and partner in crime Mark Porter-Bennett who has an amazing skill set and knowledge of his own.

Whether for fitness, weight loss, sports specific, injury rehabilitation or just general maintenance, I am committed to ensuring my clients successfully reach their fitness and health aims.


Diploma in Personal training and Sports Massage Therapy

Effective Movement Trainer(1st trainer to qualify in England 2010)

Nutritional Advice and First Aid

Outbox round 1 and 2- comprehensive skills in boxing and mugendo kickboxing instruction

Extreme Kettlebell instructor

Bulgarian bag specialist: bbconline.com/instructor/fern-bayliss

Advanced strap trainer

Olympic weightlifting instructor

Life Coach

Pre and Post natal Massage and remedial therapy




FAB PT LTD is registered with REPS(register of exercise professionals) and

is insured under Fitpro